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Ski Sentinels:
The Story of the National Ski Patrol

Ski Sentinels: The Story of the National Ski Patrol

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A Rick Moulton Film
Running time 45:00 min.

Seventy years in the making, this documentary captures the evolution and can do spirit of the National Ski Patrol offering a wonderful perspective on winter sport in North America.

Alpine Skiing began to be a popular Sport in America during the 1930s. With thousands on the slopes accidents began to mount.

In 1938, Charles Minot Dole gathered together and inspired a group of like-minded volunteers to evacuate and care for the injured. The largest mountain rescue organization in the world has grown from the seed planted by this group of volunteers. This is their story, the story of making a National Ski Patrol. Chartered by Congress, this not-for-profit organization also sought the formation of the American Army's famed 10th Mountain Division. Then C.M. Dole and the NSP hand-picked its soldiers.

Their story is carefully crafted with collected films of the actual characters, equipment and events woven into a patch-work of history as told by the people who helped form a National Ski Patrol and the 10th Mountain Division. The swath through winter sports history left by the men and woman of the NSP is broad and as everyone can see on the slopes across North America, their story is still unfolding.

Made in association with the Eastern Division of the National Ski Patrol and the New England Ski Museum


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