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Vermont Memories II, Into the '50s

vermont memories

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Written and Directed by Rick Moulton
© 1996 Vermont ETV, Inc. All rights reserved.
Documentary, 57 Minutes

The years following the Second World War represented a coming of age for the state of Vermont, as a quiet rural society took a quick step into modern times. Here, as in the rest of the country, a booming postwar economy provided a new sense of confidence, consumerism, and change.

Vermont soldiers returning home from war brought a larger sense of the world and its possibilities. For many, the new GI Bill made a college education—and the joys of campus life—accessible for the first time. Consumer goods and services reappeared, and demand grew for automobiles, modern appliances, stylish clothing and leisure activities. Along with this came changes in Vermonters' social lives. The car culture grew, and in Vermont's thriving cities and towns, cruisin' and drive-in restaurants became part of the new social scene.

There were other changes, too: WCAX brought television to Vermont—the last state to get it—Vermont Life magazine made its debut, and on the slopes, the neighborhood rope tows began giving way to big time ski resorts and the rise of Vermont tourism. Vermont Memories II captures this Golden Era, its changes, its simplicity, its innocence...and its optimism.