Rick Moulton

Vermont Memories

During its premiere airing on Vermont Public Television, Vermont Memories became its all-time highest money maker for a pledge period. Planned 10-minute pledge breaks stretched to over 20 minutes to deal with the volume of calls. And people stayed tuned through it all.

Written and Directed by Rick Moulton
© 1994 Vermont ETV, Inc. All rights reserved.
Documentary, 57 Minutes

Vermont Memories is a nostalgic look at people and places of Vermont's yesteryears. Old film clips and still photos of things that aren't there any more steam trains, long-gone summer camps and grand resort hotels. 1920s Burlington, early politicians, prohibition, and skiing legends combine with interviews of Vermonters who can remember when steamboats crossed Lake Champlain, the general store was the center of village life, and going to the county fair was the big event of the year. Highlighted are clips from the 1930s tourism film "Seeing Vermont with Dot and Glen" and interviews with its stars, now in their eighties.

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