Rick Moulton

Preserving Skiing Heritage: The Story of ISHA

Preserving Skiing Heritage: The Story of ISHA

This DVD was produced in limited number for free distribution by ISHA for their public relation purposes. Contact me for a copy.

A Rick Moulton Film

This is the story of the International Ski History Association, (ISHA). The DVD is comprised of 4 chapters; The Mission of ISHA, The Importance of ISHA, Skiing Heritage, and The Goals of ISHA. Old footage of important historical events in Skiing's past support interviews with ski notables, like Billy Kidd, Andrea Mead Lawrence and Art Furrer who explain the relevance of understanding this sports History. Each chapter can be viewed as a short, stand alone video story or you can choose "View All" from the DVD menu and watch this as a 20 minute production.

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