Rick Moulton

Current Projects

Ongoing Web Exhibit

The Reshaping of the Middle East

A web site examining the "discovery" by the pioneer broadcaster Lowell Thomas of Col. T. E. Lawrence, looking at how media created the legend of Lawrence of Arabia...revealing how the Middle-East emerged from WWI into what it is today. ...more

In Production

Lowell Thomas: American Storyteller

Lowell Thomas certainly ranks among the handful of seminal figures in the history of broadcast journalism. But Thomas brought his remarkable energy, originality and nose for a good story to many fields. He distinguished himself as a newspaperman, war correspondent, lecturer, filmmaker, author, explorer, producer and media entrepreneur. He was best known as one of the most listened to and influential radio newscasters. ...more

In Development

The Northeast Passage: New York to Montreal

During America's colonial era and for the first half century of the United States, the most important passage for travel and commerce in North America was the waterway from the Hudson River to Lake Champlain and on to Montreal and Quebec City via the Richelieu and Saint Lawrence Rivers. ...more

Ongoing Production

Ongoing Oral History Project

Ski historian and filmmaker, Rick Moulton is directing a program under the auspices of the Snowsports Industries of America, The National Ski Area Association and the International Ski History Association.

The generation that built the Ski Industry in North America is rapidly aging. Together with SIA, NSAA, and other players in the snowsport arena we are initiating an Oral History Program to record the first-hand knowledge, stories, impressions and opinions of key players of this generation that would otherwise be lost. ...more